Sunday, January 26, 2014

India horoscope for 2014 | Vedic Astrology

At present, Mahadasa
(main period) of the Sun is operational on vedic horoscope of India. 
Currently operational Antardasa (sub period) of Mercury will be over in
April 2014; and, from May 2014 onwards, dasa/bhukti of Sun/Ketu will be
operational on Indian horoscope.  Unfortunately, things aren’t looking
much auspicious and favorable for India during 2014; and, this is
looking to be a difficult period in most aspects including economy,
politics, administration, foreign relationships, agriculture and

The primary and very apparent reasons
behind this apprehension are current and upcoming transits of Jupiter
and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu); and, operating Antardasa (sub-period) of weak
planets. The natal disposition of the Jupiter and Mars is also not much
auspicious for growth and safety. Therefore, when these already
disturbed dispositions are activated via transit and during sub-periods
of malefic, cruel or weak planets, the damage is significant.

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