Sunday, April 21, 2013

Professional Prospects | Vedic Astrology Lessons

Quite often, people are haunted by queries like, “Is this business suitable for me? Or “am I in correct profession” and similar queries which are related to their being in specific job or business.  Now, before addressing the suitability of a specific arena for job, business or any other professional activity; the prime requirement is to consider the overall potency of a horoscope for professional matters.  And, quite often, people tend to misunderstand or getting confuse on this.
These are two different types of professional prospects, which are required to be analyzed appropriately.  The first one is related with overall potency of a horoscope for professional activities.  And, the second aspect is related to identify the best suitable professional activities in accordance with the strength.  One simple example would be clearing it for better understanding. 

Suppose, one person is inclined towards sports activities; and, for the purpose of his being admissible for sports activities, we, first,  need to see his overall physique and strength.  And only after this, we should be deciding the suitable sport activities as per his physical and mental strength.  If the person is having weak bone structure or having some severe health issues; the second question (which sport activities are suitable) becomes meaningless.  Same goes for a horoscope; while ascertaining the suitability of a specific professional activity, the basic potency of the horoscope (for professional prospects) is to be identified first; and, thereafter only, one should look for the suitability of a specific professional activity.

With such a strong developments in media, communication and technology; the basic and/or raw information of generalized astrological principles is quite commonly available on internet and magazines.  However, such knowledge or information should not be applied blindly.

In order to ascertain the basic strength of a horoscope for professional prospects; the first, third and tenth houses are required to be analyzed; and, if two or more aspects are severely damaged, the horoscope will become weak in overall professional prospects.  And, without addressing this basic weakness, the role and nature of specific profession (whether job or business) may not be able to generate results.  

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Professional Prospects | Vedic Astrology Lessons